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It's cool that Livejournal has an app now, although eww... autocorrect doesn't work with it. Ah well, better than nothing.


Do I only currently have one entry set as public? Well, now I have two if that was previously the case.

Someone posted a comment... maybe... but it's not there. I WANTED TO KNOW WHAT IT SAID. Cry.

Eh, probably just spam :/...

...Wait, I don't have a public option. Whaaat? *Fixes that*



I just had the most WONDERFUL dream EVER.

*Wiggles around excitedly*

HOHOHO. I seriously must write down as much as I can remember before it's gone!

It was so eeeeevil and so seeeeexy and so aaaaaaaaaaaaaagh I wanna go back to sleep! (But I've already pushed my sleeping limit longer than I should have)

Okay okay okay so here it goes.

My dream started off with me in a hotel, and like... the hotel was showing movies. And for some strange reason one of the people who picked up movies for the hotel got the Buck-Tick Picture Product DVDs and was showing that so I'm all happy but then I hear that for some reason Saibougu Dolly; Soramimi: Phantom won't work on it. (Dunno why, never explained...) So I'm all down and go up to the main desk to whine about it and the woman there is like "OMG I KNOW I LOVE THAT SONG ;O;" and so we kinda like cry with each other hahaha. xD; Lame weirdness. Anyway then I run back to my room because I have 13th Floor with Diana with me and I'm like "Put this on YOU'LL LOVE IT" :D... and she's like ":O OoOOmg I've been wanting to see this! THANK YOU" and it's all cool.

BUT THEN... @_@ Suddenly it switches, and I'm at a concert instead with a whole shitload of Americans (concert in America?) and it's all... oh look roses and... tinsel? O.o... goth weird-shit somehow reminds me of something at the time but I absolutely brush it off.

And I'm like, Ms. Super Hottie! :D Sweet. Actually, I look like Sakura (my inner self or whatnot) just minus ears and tail, and with dark brown hair instead of the burgundy-magenta blend. GOING ON! I have a blonde friend who is with me, no idea who she is. And at some point someone comes up to her and like lures her away and so I'm all ">o>" until I suddenly see her on stage and then I'm like ";o; I'MA KILL YOUUUUUU" *hand wiggles* And then Atsushi is all singing and stuff and comes up to her and so does like with the ballerina in 13th Floor with Diana, but like my friend goes DOWN I'm talking "Oh hi, *snuggle* O_O WHOA! *FLOP*" and at that moment I kinda blink all "Wow my friend can act, I never knew that" xD... lmfao. I'm such a retard to begin with in this dream I swear. And anyway then she's like carried backstage and I suddenly see stuff from her perspective, and she's all like "@_@ whoahoahoahoahoa where am I?" and ends up getting taken into a far back place by some photographer who is all sneaky acting >.> suspicious.

Switch back to concert which is absolutely DELISH at this point (honestly the music I was hearing is nothing I've ever heard from Buck-Tick but it was clearly Atsushi's voice! :O I wonder if I'm being psychic @_@ that'd be so cool if on their next album I HEAR these songs... I'd be so fucking creeped out though) and then suddenly some other guy is like looking through the isles of the audience for someone and I'm all "Ho?" when he comes up to me and is all ":D You're really pretty" O.o... then proceeds to take me by the arm and be all ":D Wanna do something nice for Atsushi?" and I'm all ";O; WHAAA"~~~~draggled away like a hyper little girl.

So I get backstage and this guy is explaining what's gonna happen, it's gonna go black and I'm going to be placed under a cover on the stage in sort of a coffin. @_@ Like whoa scary concept. Anyway, Atsushi's gonna do all his singing and stuff and there's gonna be some acting from him, ignore it because any giggling (-.-) or otherwise is going to ruin the concert and it'll be all my fault (;O;) and then after Atsushi gets halfway across the stage I'm supposed to get up out of the coffin (raise from the dead :F rawrs) pick up a bow and arrow that was in it and shoot him with it! (O_O... I think we just mixed up Atsushi and Inuyasha xD) Then the guy gives me a bow and arrow to practice to see if I can do it right and I'm all ";O; why do I have to kill Atsushi?" and he's all "you're not going to kill him, don't worry" and I shoot my little play-practice arrow and it goes foooom-sploot about three feet then slumps to the ground pathetically... -.-; and the guy is like ">___>;... I'm sure you'll do better when the time comes"... xD;

Okay so then it goes black on stage and I'm hurried out in a pretty dress and such to the coffin-thing, put in, covered up, told to be HUSH-HUSH or something bad will happen :F...

:D Then song starts, lights on, everything is... @_@ fabricy to me hahaha... -.-;... then woosh fabric is off me and I see Atsushi and I'm just laying there all ";O; OMG OMG OMG I'M GONNA FUCKING CRY" in quiet hysterics. And he looks at me while singing, touches my face and ----I am totally like drained of every bit of excitement/energy I had and suddenly really dizzy, like everything is all foggy suddenly. And I'm thinking "what just happened?" and that's when it hits me!!! @_@ ATSUSHI'S A VAMPIRE! :O Like omg WHOA... -.-; who didn't see that coming, honestly, raise your hands...

^_^ Going on...

So okay, I'm laying there all druggy-like thinking "What do I do!? Omg... my friend ;_; is she... ~_~ no please she can't be dead... why of all things OF ALL PEOPLE!... why here? Why now? There's so many people here! Surely someone else realizes what's going on! And what about me... oh god..." ;_; All scared of the one person I've adored for so long (*sob*)... then I think about what I'm supposed to do, I know I can't shoot an arrow. I wonder for a moment if an arrow really would kill him... and of course that puts me into much conflict. But I end up deciding, yes, for the sake of everyone! I will kill Atsushi! *o*...

Anyway, he continues singing, there's mucho acting going on there... I end up gathering somehow that the song is about a dead lover whom the person in the song/singer/whatever is mourning over :P guess it makes sense huh? Anyway near the end he ends up grabbing me and holding me close, acting like he's sobbing and I'm like (in thoughts) ":O...Atsushi-sama... maybe he's not bad... *gets slammed in the head with a desk*===VAMPIRE" >.>... then he goes across the stage and I'm like... okay okay... it's time. I can feel a little of my energy returning, slowly I get out of the coffin, perhaps not as gracefully as anyone had wanted for me to. I look down and yep there's the bow and arrow, I pick both up and think for a moment, then drop the bow to the floor and start stumbling towards Atsushi with the arrow. He turns and gives me an odd look, I think he has figured out what I'm up to, but he continues his act, seemingly shocked. But now the lights start to dim, someone in the back knows something went wrong. Damn! People start clapping, there's no point in me trying to yell to them to let them know what's going on, not that I assume I can yell anyway. ;_;... But I continue on, I can feel tears stinging my eyes, I can't see very well because of them... but I think of my friend, I think of myself. I wonder for a second if I would have been let go if I had just done things the way they wanted. I'm right next to him now, he's just standing there! Feebly lifting up the arrow I thrust it into his chest... or... so I thought I did... I see nothing more than a tiny bloodstain and realize I just barely cut his skin.

I know at this point I'm dead meat. He just smiles some and grabs me, throwing me to the floor behind some pillars (with tinsel :F) then a moment later is on me and -pain- (I actually felt all this stuff in reality, that's something odd that happens with dreams I've noticed). He bit me of course, and obviously was trying to kill me. But he stops at a point where I'm so dazed I can't even remember what's going on (possibly much like my friend in the dream) and look at me angrily "You would truly try to kill me?" he growls. I'm crying, that much I can tell, I must look horrible, yet still he strokes my face for a moment. "That's interesting... when you were back there, I felt your adoration, but suddenly it changed. Does knowing one small secret about someone truly have the ability to change your entire outlook on them?" he whispers. And for a moment I think about that. I wonder if he's really killed anyone, or just left them close to it. I want to say it depends, but I can't. I feel like I've made a mistake, and now I'm going to pay with my life. My vision is blurred out by his hair and I expect to feel everything disappear because he's going to finish me off. But he doesn't, instead a moment later I'm being dragged out a door and into a vehicle.

So there's driving for a while, and then we stop at... of all things. A burger stand O.o... Atsushi begins to explain why. He says my friend got loose, she still remembers what happened, and while he was... er... feeding on her... he was able to gather a general idea of where she lives. And of course I'm thinking, why does he want to find her!? Maybe erase her memory? Or kill her!? O_O... Anyway yeah, we go into the burger place and of course the people in there kind of look at us like "come from a wedding?" cause we're both still wearing what we had on at the concert (^_^ I'm in a really pretty burgundy dress, it's shiny, hehe... even some heals to match. I could draw a picture sometime x_x... erm and Atsushi is wearing black dress pants and a white -cept for that spot of blood- dress shirt with the top three buttons undone :F rawr. It's simplistic but looks awesome on him ^___^). He kind of dismisses it and starts asking a worker in the store about my friend. My attention gets drawn to a woman and her two kids who are ordering food, the person taking their order starts talking about milkshakes and says about a strawberry one for the little girl (a little boy and little girl) then my eyes go up to the machine churning the strawberry milkshakes (one of those ones you can see the stuff in, kinda like the lemonade ones you see sometimes) and seeing the color suddenly makes me feel like I'm going to throw up. I'm really dizzy at this point, of course I have no idea how I'm able to walk around even though I'm sure I do so like I'm drunk off my rocker.

Then they start talking about burgers and one of the children starts chanting "BLOODY BLOODY BLOODY!" and that's when I absolutely lose it and have to dive outside and throw up underneath a pic-nic table they have set up for people who want to eat there. (:D bet noone wanted to eat there after that!) A few moments later Atsushi comes out and puts a hand on my back, informing me he's found out where my friend is and we're going to visit her. I look back at him for a moment and wonder why he's keeping me around, and then I start to get this twisted vision of him having a harem of girls that he feeds off of daily. ._.;

:P And sadly I didn't get to find out the reason or anything more, cause my internal clock went "DING BITCH WAKE THE FUCK UP" ._. ... and I find it extremely hard to continue dreams another night or even hours after originally having them. *Sighs* Oh well it was still incredibly interesting.

You're probably wondering why I was so excited about the dream since it actually had some really horrible stuff going on... well... it's one of the most... straightforward dreams I've had in a long time. Usually dreams skip all over the place. Or have random things popping in that make no sense what-so-ever and just ruin the dream. But this one didn't, I was impressed. :D... Plus I'm always happy to have Atsushi as a guest star in my dreams hehe. Oddly though no one else from Buck-Tick was actually seen (cept Imai for a split second but I decided not to mention it since it didn't have much to do with the -plot-).

Hahaha and fuck this is a long post. :D Sorry.



Hahaha I so wanna call Imai 'Renfield' now that I think this all over hahaha.


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